Strictly Rumor: Ben Affleck May Retire The Batsuit?

Take this all with a grain of salt. We tread lightly when it comes to rumors especially when it has to do with comic book movies and even more so when it comes to the constant barrage of little blurbs regarding Ben Affleck as Batman. 

However, something has been brewing for months with Affleck's version of the Dark Knight. Numerous scripting issues were mentioned in various articles and news cycles. Then, Ben Affleck himself was on again off again as the director, citing he wouldn't be part of it if it wasn't up to his standards. This last weekend, the big announcement came that Matt Reeves was taking over the directorial duties and a final script had been completed and would go into production. Fede Alvarez and Ridley Scott have been named as backups if Reeves bows out of the project. 

Well, after all this, numerous sources are claiming that Affleck wants out. Again, we're not stating this because we don't publish bullshit clickbait articles just to get your glorious eyes on this article. However, John Campea is stating that he heard from three different studio insiders that Affleck is doing whatever he can to get out of the role and his contract. Apparently, Affleck wants out immediately and may not even appear in The Batman, making his appearance in Justice League his final outing as Gotham's savior. 

Again, all rumor until we get an announcement but this all gives me a funny feeling in my bat-belly.