News: New Details Released on the Han Solo Movie

Star Wars is going to be on the radar for a while to come. With Disney pumping these anthology movies out every couple years and the legacy films continuing to hit around Christmastime every other year, we will have no shortage of the galaxy far, far away. While I'm not even slightly interested in a back story for Han Solo and his early years, some small details are starting to make their way out about the film. 

Apparently, Bob Iger (Disney CEO) dropped a little bit of knowledge today. The Han Solo spinoff film will apparently take place over a 6 year period. It will cover Han's life from 18 until 24. The movie will also follow him acquiring his name, meeting Chewbacca, and obviously getting the Millenium Falcon. 

I'm still not sold on this one. But either way, we're getting tons of new Star Wars content to enjoy over the next decade.