News: Warner Bros. Rebooting The Matrix

Nothing. I repeat. Nothing is sacred. Tonight, numerous sources are reporting that audiences will be asked to swallow the blue or red pill again.  

With Keanu Reeves recently saying he'd be interested in a revisit to the Matrix if the project was right, word comes down tonight that Warner Bros. is officially on board with rebooting the franchise. Whether or not this will be a hard reboot or some type of continuation remains to be seen but the words 'reboot' are definitely in the cards for the return to the Matrix. 

Official sources are saying that the original masterminds, The Wachowskis are not involved in the project in the least and that Joel Silver is the one that approached the studio to get this project kick started. Although, he sold all his rights to the saga back in 2012, he's ready to start it all over again, apparently with Michael B. Jordan in the crosshairs to star in new theatrical entry. 

Although the last two films didn't really appease fans or make them crave more adventures with Neo, the studios are currently hungry for profitable franchises, and The Matrix Rebooted might just be their next box office blockbuster.