Images: A Sneak Peek At Creatures From Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

We're hoping that old school adventurous science fiction makes a return in 2017. And it looks like Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets may do just that. Although Besson's last few films haven't been up the caliber of his previous productions, this seems to be getting back to his ingenious flair for amazing visuals and effects. Early previews and images definitely call back to his earlier works like The Fifth Element. Today, a first image has been released of one of the film's creatures. When asked about what they are, this was said:

“The Azin Mö are the medical doctors of Alpha, the city of a thousand planets, intergalactically famous for their extraordinary materialization abilities and immortal nature. They can produce any organic cell and so have the gift of spontaneous regeneration. They also have the ability to “teleport”, but they require several days to recover from each trip, during which time they are physically and mentally feeble, which makes them paradoxically vulnerable. Over the centuries, they have been a favorite target of mercenaries and space pirates seeking to usurp the species’ powers.”

(click to enlarge image)

They look pretty sweet to us! We can't wait to see Valerian!