Cinematic Releases: CHIPs (2017) Reviewed

From the mind of Dax Shepard comes the TV to theater translation of the classic 1977 show, CHIPs.

Since the Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox version left the airwaves in 1983, there has never been any other reboot of the series, making this a fresh and unique spin that's high on comedic chemistry and loose on realistic storytelling. The stars, Dax and Michael Pena offer up a refreshing reintroduction to the characters, while they do their damnedest to score as many offensive points as possible. Dax is the dumbed down version of Jon Baker. And Pena is the sexually addicted new guy on the squad. Together, they form a comedic pairing that's natural and never forced. 

While the television series was a cheesy representation of an earlier era where bad chase sequences, silly crime elements, and theme music were enough to keep us entertained, the new rendition is a comedic blast to the face that never relents in its potty humor, gross out jokes and sexual innuendo. This is not your father's CHIPs. The dick jokes never stop. The violence is uproarious. And the plot is so basic, you'll question how the hell they got Vincent D'Onofrio to co-star. This is a hilarious re-branding that takes the melodrama of the original and turns it on its side making it one of the funniest buddy cop movies since 21 Jump Street got its own reboot. 

CHIPs isn't going to sit well with all audiences because of the inexplicable amount of profanity, offensive off color jokes, homoerotic innuendo, and the totally goofball plot. I think some older audience members might take offense here. But, fans of Dax and his specific brand of writing will definitely be rooting for the two idiotic cops, Ponch and Jon Baker. This is like the television show was given a bag of blow, a couple speedballs, and a multi million dollar budget to smash and destroy as many things as possible. Cars are totaled. Motorcycles are mangled. Sets are trashed. And Dax Shepard proves that he can actually take a vintage brand and turn it into a viable comedy that delivers on the price of a ticket. 

Damn. We are so sexy, bitches. 

If you're looking to laugh your ass off this weekend, CHIPs will give you exactly what you're looking for. The timing between Dax and Michael is spot on. They know how to play off of each other while they give believable performances that aren't mired by taking themselves too seriously. As a huge fan of the Jump Street movies, I can say this is just below those on the enjoyment level. Yet, those were probably a huge influence in getting this made. It features the same type of minimalist plot that gives the movie just enough to run on. Want to laugh for ninety minutes straight? See CHIPs this weekend.