Images: Oblivious To Oblivion - A Collection Of Sci-Fi Landscape, Machine, And Creature Art From Col Price

This is a collection of sci-fi art from Col Price.

Price is a concept artist that has mostly worked in the gaming industry. He has a great feel for created interesting landscapes, colors, lighting, and space crafts. You can view more of his work here. Check out his bio and the images below.

"20 years in the gaming industry as and Art director working on some of the biggest franchises for some of the biggest studios. Ive worked on games Such as Wipeout fusion, Battlefield modern combat, Motorstorm pacific rift, Motorstorm Apocalypse a ton of F1 games and Also the visual Art Director for Driveclub. I decided to go freelance in 2014 and haven't looked back since working for studios like Boss Key Spiral house and Factory games as well as Tv concept work for the BBC."