Images: A Preview Of The Upcoming Sci-Fi Comic Redline #1 From Oni Press

This is a preview of Redline #1 from Oni Press.

It features a story by Neal Holman, Art by Clayton McCormack, colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick, and cover art from Clayton McCormack and David Kuettel. It is slated to hit the shelves on March 8, 2017. Check out the synopsis and images below.

"MARS. The near future-ish. A bomb takes out a city block on Harrison Station. The media rush to blame the local terrestrials (re: aliens,) however Superintendent Denton Coyle has a feeling that it may not be so simple… or maybe that feeling is Coyle’s hangover gut bomb. It’s unclear… like a 50/50 shot, it’s a mistake or explosive diarrhea. Maybe it’s both? In other words, it’s yet another Tuesday on Mars."