News: Laura Dern Amazed By Rian Johnson's Indie Style on The Last Jedi

By now we know that each new story in this current trilogy will be using a different director. While some weren't happy with JJ Abrams overt sense of nostalgia with The Force Awakens others were totally in love with it. Now, Rian Johnson has taken over the director's seat and Laura Dern was gushing about the way he tackled the project. Johnson directed other smaller budgeted features like Looper, Brick, and several episodes of Breaking Bad. When interviewed by Collider, Dern had this to say about his style of directing:

“To me, I’ve never seen anything like it. Comfort on an enormous movie, improvisation, “Try that, try that!” There’s a lot of people weighing in on creating character and looks, and things are so iconic, and sets, and he’s still in the world of character. “How do you feel? What do you think? How do you want it?” I mean, to everybody. But he’s just amazing, and he’ll do radically beautiful things, and I also feel like he’s one of the people I’ll work with again and again, because we just loved each other. We had dinner recently and he was telling me an idea that was just so crazy and indie and I just love that’s he’s a radical.”

Laura stars in this week's release of Wilson starring Woody Harrelson.