News: Ridley Scott Still Wants A Gladiator Sequel

With news percolating that Ridley Scott wants to keep on churning out Alien films as long as he's alive, he also has the inkling to bring the Gladiator back from the dead. While he's dedicated to producing the sequel to Blade Runner and is deeply invested in making as many movies about the Xenomorph as he possibly can, he's also figured out a way to bring the deceased character back to life. "I know how to bring him back", he said at SXSW over the weekend. The studio wasn't as sure of his idea but Scott is still trying to find a way to bring Maximus back to the silver screen.

At one point, Nick Cave was tasked with bringing the character back from the heavens. The film dealt with Crowe's character returning from purgatory to kill Jesus Christ. The working script had a title of Christ Killer. It's no surprise that the studio stayed away from this idea. Whether or not Scott plans on working from Cave's work in progress remains to be seen but don't be surprised if this project ramps up when Alien:Covenant becomes a hit.