News: Shane Black's The Predator Adds Jake Busey

Shane Black's latest incarnation in the Predator series is really starting to line up the talent. With the addition of Thomas Jane, Olivia Munn, and Keegan Michael-Key, this flick is starting to get way more interesting. Although, none of the films in the franchise have been able to live up to the original Arnold Schwarzenegger action vehicle, Black definitely has a knack for script writing that just may come in handy for this next movie in the franchise.

Just announced tonight is the addition of Starship Troopers alumni, Jake Busey. While Busey has never been able to crack the upper echelon of A-list actors, he's been a mainstay in lower budget action flicks, some sci-fi, and of course Paul Verhoeven's classic battle with the bugs. Being the son of his notoriously outrageous father, Jake can definitely wrangle up some interesting characters and knows how to demand the attention of the camera. This is working out to be a really cool and diverse cast.