News: Snyder Denies Justice League Runtime

With Cinemacon hitting over the weekend, fans were wrapped up in a whirlwind of genre news. Numerous trailers hit, press releases were coming out at a rapid pace, and tons of new images hit the web. Along with the huge amount of great content that came out over the course of a few days, a major rumor hit that the Justice League movie would be released at a longer runtime than Batman v Superman. Snyder's latest was said to come in at two hours and fifty minutes, twenty minutes longer than his previous superhero movie. 

After being listed on IMDB as the 2:50 length, Snyder tweeted back to a fan that questioned the official runtime:

@thejonberg Forgot to tell you that I screened the first cut of JL for IMDB. Thought that was standard WB procedure. No?

....meaning he has no official cut of the movie or a final runtime yet. Nothing is confirmed and Justice League may end up being much shorter to appease the fan base and Warner Bros.. Initial reports of a nearly three hour movie had some fans scratching their heads and others excited to get a lengthy adventure with their favorite heroes.