News: Tim Curry To Appear in Stephen King's IT Minseries Documentary

Ever since the announcement of a new cinematic version of Stephen King's IT, fans have been split and extremely argumentative over a new telling of the classic horror tale about Pennywise, the evil clown. Many feel a connection to the original version of the shape shifting character played by Tim Curry in the televised mini-series. Despite a small backlash over a remake, early word is coming out that the theatrical IT is actually a great horror film. Now, we're getting doc that will tell us all about the original movie.

Although Tim Curry has suffered some health issues over the past few years, he is now set to appear in this new documentary about the making of the televised IT, which is being made by the UK's Dead Mouse Productions. It will be a full length documentary that chronicles the inner workings of transposing Stephen King's book to the small screen. There are no further details about who else might appear in Pennywise: The Story of IT but it's good to know that Curry is feeling up to the challenge.