Rumor Mill: Disney's Post Episode IX Star Wars Plans

There's no doubt that Disney is milking Star Wars for all it's worth. But, who can really blame them? The certainly paid enough for the brand. 

With news hitting last week that they have films planned until 2030, we will not be starving for new content any time soon. However, numerous new rumors are coming out today and one of them is that they plan on taking a brief hiatus at some point to give their loyal fans a small breather from the influx of movies and projects. This break is said to happen after the release of Episode IX. 

So, here's what else we're hearing. The Obi Wan movie is very much a thing and Gareth Edwards is most likely going to direct it. Obviously, Ewan McGregor has been eager to get this going as he's been consistently posting on social media that he wants to play Obi Wan again. The Boba Fett movie is still happening. It was just pulled from the slate to make room for the other projects that were in development. Disney also plans on hitting the young adult market with a romantic film set in the galaxy far away. And last but not least, Star Wars will be coming to our television in the near future. 

Again, this is all rumor at this point but is sounds like a pretty good plan.