Rumor Mill: New Matrix Film May Follow A Young Morpheus

The original Matrix was a game changer. It altered the way visual effects were rendered and it forever changed science fiction/action for the better. The second two films, although not fully supported by the fans, are visual spectacles that helped complete the story arc of  "The One". After a long wait, The Matrix is making a return. 

In the last few days, many things have been published about this upcoming Matrix movie that was initially said to reboot the franchise. Our assumptions and early reports were wrong. Writer Zak Penn said that "no one could or should reboot the Matrix". They're now saying that this fourth film in the franchise will be some continuation or a part of the existing universe. Apparently, the one idea that's been floated is that it will be a prequel that will follow the young Morpheus and his years prior to meeting Neo. 

Another rumor that's making the rounds is that Michael B. Jordan is in early talks to star in the film. This could lend further credence to the possible casting of the young star.