Videos: A Scientific Explanation Of Why X-23's Claws Are Deadlier Than Wolverine's

This is a video that attempts to explain why X-23's claws are deadlier than Wolverine's.

With the recent release of Logan and the introduction of Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, it's only fitting that we get a video that examines the scientific reasoning for her claws being deadlier than Wolverine's. The video is from Nerdist's Kyle Hill, with one of the major differences being her two claws versus Logan's three. Hill says:

"I’m taking a swipe at the true cutting power of both Wolverine and X-23. I argue that because of how knives, blades, and claws cut and pierce in the first place — applying large forces over very small areas — attacking an enemy with two claws would work out better than attacking with three."

Check out the full video below.