Videos: Von Doom - An Unofficial Dr. Doom Fan Film

This is a fan film about Dr. Doom titled Von Doom.

He is the Fantastic Four's greatest villain and this deals with events in his backstory that helped shaped who he would become. It is from Lucky 9 Studios and was written and directed by Ivan Kander. It is worth reading their blog as it provides a wealth of information about indie filmmaking and their experience on this specific shoot. The short ended up costing just over $11K and they amazingly didn't use any sort of crowdfunding. Kander states that:

"I’m proud that I didn’t crowdsource the movie. Too often, crowd-sourcing campaigns are burdens on a filmmaker’s friends and family. I didn’t want to be that guy who annoyed you on Facebook every morning. Could I have potentially gotten a bigger budget? Sure. But, I feel like I’ll play the crowdsourcing hand when my audience is bigger and I’m more confident in my directorial skills. Plus, I didn’t have to annoy all my friends on social media for months on end—For just $10 dollars, you’ll get your name in the credits!!! HUGE BARGAIN!

To be blunt, Indie filmmaking is kind of thankless. As the technical aspects of production continue to get easier and easier, it’s also becoming harder and harder to stand out amongst the figurative flood of digital content being created. As I wrote a few years back, it’s the “screaming into the abyss” phenomenon. But, that doesn’t discourage me—this was never about getting a “big break.” Rather, it’s about learning, growing, and developing as a storyteller."

Make sure to watch through the end, as their is an end credits scene.