Soundtracks on Vinyl News: Alien - Mondotees

As with last year’s first official LV-426 Alien Day, dropped a major announcement yesterday.  To commemorate Alien in anticipation for the forthcoming Alien: Covenant, the good folks at Mondo opened preorders for two September 2017 vinyl reissues of Jerry Goldsmith’s original score for Ridley Scott’s Alien!

The first release retailing at $35 comes housed in a 2-LP gatefold with original artwork by Kilian Eng available in two pressings: Acid Blood Green and standard Black, both pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

The second release retailing at $75 represents a 4-LP deluxe edition containing original artwork by Tyler Stout with the recording on the 2-LP release, the original 1979 MCA album and a fourth disc of outtakes, alternate and bonus cues.  Each box set comes with a screen printed handbill, randomly inserted 1 of 4 designs exclusive to each set. 

Further still, each platter will be printed on color vinyl accordingly:

Disc 1: Alien Egg Olive Green
Disc 2: Face Hugger Brown
Disc 3: Chest Burster White with Red Splatter
Disc 4: Xenomorph Black

The deluxe edition will be available for pre-order until May 19th and according to Mondo will never be pressed again, making this an extremely limited exclusive vinyl release for Alien fans!  Order while you can!  No one will hear you scream when it sells out!

- Andrew Kotwicki