Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02E27 - Reviewed

Attack on Titan continues doing what it does best dropping  those mystery bombs to give your finger a reason to scratch your head. This time, however, only two episodes in, they appear to have pulled out all the stops and doubled down on the mystery threads, which I believe by the close of episode 27 makes, I don't know, eight or nine simultaneous pretty big head scratchers that may or may not ever be answered in classic AoT style. Without spoilers, these mysteries are all Titan-related, as if that needed saying, but damn are they juicy.

While lighter on action than this season's opening episode, we follow both Conny and Sasha for the majority of the time, exploring what might likely be some grade A story arcs and character motivation for the two. Or they could be frickin butchered next week. Attack on Titan likes to pull that one, too. The animation continues to impress, even with less, shall we say, explosive sequences. There is certainly a fair amount of action, but even so it takes a back seat to the character arcs.

Ehren is reintroduced along with Mikasa and Levi among others as they journey on what might prove to be terrifying, but revelatory, escort mission. More Titans keep cropping up in weird ways. I don't know what they're planning for this season, but they certainly know how to get a conversation started. The writers love to explore an almost fractal style of plotting. It's not enough to just drop a riddle on the audience, they drop the riddle, then that riddle has its own ugly digits of riddles growing from its limbs. Just the furry Abnormal Titan alone introduces several intriguing points. Another great episode--slower, but still coasting off the epic opener.

And no, we still don't have any idea why the Collosal Titan instantly disappears when Ehren slashes at its nape.

- H
- J.G. Barnes