Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02E28 - Reviewed

Surprise, surprise. Attack on Titan follows up an episode full of new questions with an episode stuffed with even more new questions. This entire episode was just mouth after mouth spilling plot all over the place. Honestly, it was kind of an irritating episode to experience in some ways. By the close of the episode, the energizing score getting louder, the writers are really trying to lay on thick the significance of asking Eren to try something he's never done before and charging into battle once again. It's unfortunate that they really want us to feel this moment, but with how many new questions and old yet unanswered ones are running in chorus here, I'm personally finding it a bit too unfocused and hard to care.

The first season I felt balanced these mystery threads a lot better. Sure, there were some dull moments, and many questions left unanswered, but I don't think I ever felt like I had to do homework before entering a new episode of TV.

It's hard to talk about much in this episode without either spoiling something or just spouting off nonsense plot points. Conny's village that appeared to have been attacked seems not only devoid of blood and viscera, but of the people. No sign of them. Horses are still in the stables. Where have they gone? But just before we leave the scene, they just have to drop a little more mystery spice on us. I don't want to spoil it of course, but things are gettin' weirder and weirder.

I just hope that they can bring this back into focus and start making sense of all this baggage we have to carry along with us every week.

- J.G. Barnes