Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02E29 - Reviewed

Sure, last week's episode was more exposition and puzzles than it was much of anything else. This week we're treated to a few engaging surprises. We're finally getting some answers about what happened to Conny's village. But, are we, really, though? Attack on Titan does have a habit of using misdirection to their advantage. Regardless, the implications here are fascinating, to say the least, and inspires potential answers to several other questions. In fact, as I typed this, I just kind of stopped in deep thought about where this could all go. It's a damn enthralling episode.

The battle sequences, while certainly more subtle compared to the usual Titan affair, are just as cathartic, coming from several raw character moments that really gave me a twinge in my guts. Some strong connections and separations are made and you'll never know where they're coming from.

This is a great trajectory right now to be on. I think they could have trimmed some fat or slowly squeezed the narrative across another episode of padding before this point, but the explosive ending will either have you smiling and saying "Aw, F--k you, Attack on Titan, really?!" or flipping off your television and saying the same thing before you huff and get up for another beer.

I award you two brief, yet loud claps of my palms while I nod subtly to the beat, Attack on Titan. Maybe this will turn into full applause by the end of next week's episode?

- J.G. Barnes