Box Office News: Ghost in the Shell Tops The Foreign Box Office

Ghost in the Shell received a lackluster first weekend in the U.S. and has been quickly been deemed an absolute bomb that will definitely cost the studio millions in the long run. Due to the insane amount of social justice backlash over supposed whitewashing, the film has been damaged beyond repair. Even though domestic audiences wouldn't have paid any attention had the lead been played by an Asian actress, Ghost in the Shell got squashed by its competition over its opening weekend and did even worse in its second week. 

However, the film actually topped the foreign box office between Friday and Sunday, bringing in another $41.3 million in ticket sales. While this won't totally balance out the losses for the studio, it gets them a little further ahead. This brings sales to a total of $124 million right now against a budget of $110 million but does not include the massive amount spent on marketing. Current estimates show that it could still end up $60 million in the hole. Yet, this does not take into account that the Scarlett Johansson action flick will most likely rake it in with blu-ray sales, streaming services, and other points of VOD.