Cinematic Releases: Below Her Mouth (2017) - Reviewed

The weekend fling sub-genre gets a steamy sex romp with two beautiful women who bare all for the majority of this ninety minute excursion into sensuality. Below Her Mouth is an uninhibited piece of realism that takes intimacy between women to its rightful place in modern cinema. 

When a fashion designer's future husband leaves for a business trip, Dallas and Jasmine find themselves intertwined in a film that's more about various positions than it is character development or story arc. However, Below Her Mouth is still an enjoyable movie that presents female 'love at first sight' in a tasteful way that doesn't pander to either male or female audiences. The scenes of lovemaking between Natalie Krill and Erika Linder are delicate and present the exploration of each other's bodies in a way that doesn't feel pornographic or forced. 

When Blue is the Warmest Color was released, mouths dropped at the deep portrayals of graphic sex between two women. It was a passionate arthouse film that created astute impressions of love and the emotional failings that can happen between lovers. That came at a perfect time and broke many taboos that were affiliated with love between two women. This year's Below Her Mouth treads that same fine line of sensuality and shows emotional growth with the two main characters. Yes, it lacks a lot of story, but April Mullen's film is a situational drama that romanticizes a sapphic affair that's often times beautiful and brimming with desire. There is a strong connection between the two leads that oozes off the screen, making Below Her Mouth seem like it's not exploiting its actresses or the built in audience that will want to see this. 

Some may take issue with the continued nakedness on display. From beginning to end, Krill and Linder are in some state of undress, are making out hard, or are having full on sex with each other. But it all feels right. Using a shooting and editing style that screams reality, Mullen creates a tale of love that fits with current themes and explores obsession, possession, and all the little details in between. 

If you're not offended by beautiful women baring all for the camera, I'd suggest seeing Below Her Mouth. With an extra half hour, the vision for this film would have been more fleshed out, but there's still enough here to teach men and women how to expand on their horizons as sexual creatures.