Cinematic Releases: Going In Style (2017) Reviewed

Either this guy is lightening up or movies are getting way better this year. Even comedies are improving. 

Zach Braff's Going In Style is an ingenious heist movie that brings together three legends under one marquee as it blends a message of life long friendships, the woes of growing older, and a modern take on the bank robbery genre. With a perfected script and tons of chemistry, the scene is set for near greatness topped off by tons of spot on humor. Aiming to cash in with this timely tale of a trio of best buddies, Braff escapes the trappings of his last couple releases and brings something fresh to the cineplex: an unrelenting comedy that will have the entire theater laughing from beginning to end. 

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin all star in this laugh out loud tale of three broke old men that need financial relief during their golden years. It's a delightful return to form for Braff as he shakes the dust off and directs some of the best actors to ever hit the screen. Like a fine wine, these three gentlemen get better with age, giving performances worthy of anything else in their illustrious careers. Immediately, I was reminded of Caine's role in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The man can do anything and has a demanding presence no matter the genre or the film. Pairing him with two other mega-stars like Arkin and Freeman makes Going In Style a must see. This trifecta of talent brings all their years of experience to a movie that will survive the long haul. Years from now, Going In Style will be a time capsule that can remind us exactly how great these guys were together. 

Even legends need their exercise. 

Aside from our main stars, Ann Margret once again fills the role of the sassy temptress as Matt Dillon plays a snide federal agent. Christopher Lloyd also plays a support role that offers a nice balance to the straight comedy of the main stars. Lloyd is a legend and Going In Style gives him a chance to once again fall back on the type of humor that kick started his career. His portrayal as the senile Milton is a simple callback to his Taxi days as the confused cab driver, Jim. Kenan Thompson also plays a minor role. Honestly, Going In Style is a power player team up that lets a bunch of old talented actors have a blast making a movie that anyone can enjoy. Other than a few small adult oriented jokes and some minor profanity, this is the kind of entertainment I can watch with my mom. 

If you're looking for some basic escapist fun at the movies where you can leave your brain at the door, Going In Style will give you everything you're looking for. There are thrilling car chase sequences. There's a heaping ton of chemistry between actors. And there's a real heart that will speak directly to an audience that's growing older. I had no idea what this movie was about when I went to the screening. Now, I want to see it again. Caine, Freeman, and Arkin are the heroes we need right now. 

P.S. I had no idea this was a remake. :) I must be getting old.