Crowdfunding: Practical Effects Werewolf Film Bonehill Road From Legendary SOV Director Todd Sheets

This is a crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming werewolf film Bonehill Road.

This will be directed by shot-on-video (SOV) legend Todd Sheets, whose recent work includes last years Dreaming Purple Neon. Dreaming Purple Neon was everything that you would love about a grindhouse or exploitation film, harkening back to the days of excessive nudity, blood, and gore. We reviewed it and included it on our list of top 10 indie horror films from 2016.
Fans should expect no less from this creature feature, promising no cgi and all practical effects. The Indiegogo campaign was strictly created for the purpose of raising funds for the werewolf practical effects. they have already exceeded there initial goals, but every additional dollar will go towards further improving those effects. Check out the campaign and perks here and like their Facebook page here. You can view the synopsis, images, and teaser below.
"My name is Todd Sheets and I have had a long history making indie Horror films. Beginning back in the days of VHS, 1989, I began making Horror movies for the huge video market worldwide. Those were fondly known as the SOV days... and I was one of the pioneers of that era. I made over 22 movies for video and cable all over the world until 2007. I had a heart attack and almost died in 2012. I had quadruple bypass surgery and spent 31 days in the hospital, and vowed to get back to what I loved if I survived... making movies! Since then, I have made two feature films... House of Forbidden Secrets and Dreaming Purple Neon, in addition to contributing shorts for several anthology films.
House of Forbidden Secrets was an OFFICIAL SELECTION at over 88 Film Festivals, played theaters in America and also played at Horror Conventions. It has been well received by critics and Horror Fans alike and is an homage to the Italian horror movies I loved as a kid. Dreaming Purple Neon was released at Halloween 2016 and has been playing theaters, Film Festivals and conventions all over the world as well. The film is still touring before it's BluRay and DVD debuts in America near Halloween 2017.
Bonehill Road is my newest film. It is an homage to classic monster films like The Howling and An American Werewolf In London. In some ways, it is a throwback to the films we grew up with... the real horror movies that we all love so much, and in another way it is a modern horror flick that uses old school techniques, including Practical Monster Effects. NO CGI at all here. Our goal is to make an exciting, scary monster movie with some really cool werewolves. Every dime will be put into the monsters. This whole campaign is ALL about the werewolves. We have our base Budget and distribution is already in place, we just need extra funds for our creature effects. If we are lucky enough to go OVER the budget listed here, we will use every dime for more effects and production costs. No salaries are ever taken by me, the director. EVERY dime will be put on screen, so the more money we have, the better. This budget listed was our BARE MINIMUM for extra creature stuff. But if we go OVER what was listed, that is simply amazing and it will mean MORE Monsters, MORE special effects, MORE stunts... a bigger and better movie!!!!!
 We need more funds so we can bring a fun, scary old school style monster flick to the screen. We want to make horror fans proud. We want to give monster fans a reason to rejoice and we will not stop until this film is seen all over the world by as many people as possible. With my track record, there is no doubt that people will indeed SEE this film. It will be promoted in a major way and people will know about this movie. Your help will not be taken for granted. So many people feel burned by these crowd funding campaigns. They contribute to films that never even get finished. That is NOT the case with me. I ALWAYS finish any project that I start. I have NEVER done a crowd funding thing before, but this film is my DREAM PROJECT. And I want it to be the BEST it can be!!! And YOU are the KEY to that happening. Not only will you get some cool perks, but EVERY PERSON who contributes will have full name credit in the end credits of the film. That's right... EVERY person who contributes will be listed. Your money is going to help a film made with PASSION, with LOVE and with HEART. It is made by people who truly LOVE the genre, who are doing this for the RIGHT REASON. NO ulterior motives. We just really want to make a great Monster Movie!!! 
  In this day and age of paint-by-numbers PG-13 horror, contrived big budget ghost movies done by committee and lame torture horror that has been done over and over… why not give the money you would spend on that nonsense to a true HORROR MOVIE…. instead of wasting it on that lame BluRay, give that 20 bucks to people who really CARE, who REALLY NEED IT and will APPRECIATE your help."