Images: Sci-Fi Character Concept Art From Eric Kim

This is sci-fi concept art from Eric Kim.
Kim is a 3D gaming artist from Japan. This is a collection of concept art, with some of it being for various Artstation challenges. The NETO-02 is based upon concept character art from Eve Ventrue. You can view more of his work here. Check out his bio and images below.
"I am a 3D Artist for the game industry with a strong foundation in traditional arts. I have worked for KoeiTecmo Games in Japan for six years, where I entered as a 3D character artist and was eventually promoted to a team leader. I have experience working with almost all major platforms (PSP, PS3, PS4, 3DS and XBOX). I am a specialist in 3D modeling, texturing and sculpting, with a strong knowledge of the human anatomy. I can also provide expertise in lighting, rendering and skinning. Currently, I'm working freelance for Japanese mobile game companies designing 3D characters."