Images: Stunning Original Toy Photography Featuring Various Scaled Figures From Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Many More From One: Six Shooter

Check out this awesome collection of toy photography featuring 1/6th scale, 1/12th scale, and LEGO figures from Star Wars, the Walking Dead, and many more.

This collection of toy photography is from Trevor Williams, the creative mind behind One: Six Shooter. For those unfamiliar with the terms "one six" or "1/6th scale," they are terms used to describe collectible figures that are typically 12 inches tall. Sometimes they may be slightly bigger or smaller in order to match the scale of similar characters, but for the most part are usually 12 inches. Williams has some simply stunning photographs of various characters, some recreating various scenes from the movies or television shows that they represent. You can view more photos or follow him on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. We Previously showed off some of his work here. Check out his bio and the rest of the images below.
"While I'm somewhat new to toy photography, I've been a graphic designer and creative director for over 25 years and own a digital marketing company; The Brand Counselors. Soon after jumping back into collecting 1/6 figures about a year ago, (The Force Awakens “awakened” my love of SW again and I was just going to get “a couple”…which turned into 60 so far! I felt the need to do something more creative with them other than just posing them on my desk. I started taking pictures of them and posting them to my relatively unused IG account. I soon discovered a whole community of great people doing this. It’s kind of consumed me since then and I’ve turned my IG account into a launching pad for my toy photography. It’s a great creative outlet after working on websites, brochures, ads, etc. throughout the day! I'm very excited to have been the recipient of five awards in the latest Toy Photo Awards worldwide competition and being featured here on The Movie Sleuth as well as in Exclu magazine.
A card-carrying nerd when I was young, I dreamed of being a comic book artist. I drew and created all kinds of characters. and got pretty good. I never felt it was something I could crank out the way the pros did, however. At one point I thought about going into film directing but pursued design - which I thought was a safer route - instead. I've found shooting these figures to be the perfect marriage of these old interests. Framing shots and thinking of interesting angles to shoot a scene at to tell a story is one of my favorite aspects of this hobby. 
As a Creative Director, I’ve been on lots of photo shoots directing live actors/models. Having more control of these small models is a nice change from that although they have they’re own challenges; lack of multiple expressions, and lack of balance occasionally! I experiment a lot with lighting and poses. I regularly take 50-100 shots for every scene I shoot, trying lots of light positions/levels, exposures, angles, etc. Posing is one of the most important aspects of creating a dynamic, believable shot. I take a lot of time posing the figures to give them a very natural/real feel -right down to the way a wrist is turned. I think my art anatomy classes in college and comic book drawing helps a lot in understanding what looks natural. Recently, I recreated a Star Wars promo shot that took over 240 shots to get as close as possible to the original. 
I’ve met some great artists and people though the hobby and recently started @starwarstoycards on Instagram - an homage to the classic Star Wars cards featuring Star Wars toys - as a way to showcase my work and the work of other toy photographers I admire. Where any of this will lead, I don’t know yet, but it’s proven to be a fun hobby that’s put me in touch with the companies that create the toys I collect and shoot as well as a great community and people who enjoy what I do!"