New Horror Releases: Signal To Noise (2017) - Reviewed, Plus The Short Film They're Closing In

This is a review for Jarret Blinkhorn’s Signal to Noise, along with the full video for his 2015 short film titled They’re Closing In

There has been an influx of excellent short films that have been traveling through the festival circuit and making their way onto the internet, either through self-publishing or via web channels such as Crypt TV. Rhode Island filmmaker Jarret Blinkhorn (co-producer on Joe Bego’s The Mind’s Eye) recently finished a new sci-fi horror short film titled Signal to Noise, in which he served as the writer, director, cinematographer, composer, and editor. Clocking in at just under four minutes, it is a short and effective piece of psychological sci-fi horror that leaves you craving to see more. 

The story is reminiscent of ‘80s David Cronenberg, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and similar sci-fi and horror films that incorporated social and political commentary into the plot. Without spoiling any of the plot, it takes some of the fears that have been associated with the current US presidency and runs with it. This may anger and upset some people, but it is a theme that has been used before in the sci-fi and horror genres. Everything that Blinkhorn does in this is outstanding, there is great camera movement and placement, nice lighting and shadows, solid editing, and a fine score. 

Signal to Noise is expected to begin appearing in film festivals soon, so be sure to go see it. Blinkhorn is a name to keep an eye on; I cannot wait to see more.

Written and directed by Jarret Blinkhorn, They're Closing In stars Michael A. LoCicero and Susan T. Travers. Check out the synopsis and short film below.
"Tension grows as a tired married couple are forced to deal with each others issues because if they leave... The creatures outside will make them regret it."