News: Arnold Bails On Expendables 4

It appears that we may have seen the last of our Expendables franchise. Last week, Mr. Stallone announced he had no interest in making another one. And now, Arnold Schwarzenegger has also stated he won't be back if his friend Sylvester isn't involved. When questioned about returning to the action series, Arnold had this to say:

"There is no Expendables without Sly. I would never do the movie without him, no."

While these movies have made a ton of money for the studio on limited budgets, the third one fell victim to piracy which definitely effected the ticket sales. Also, the story fell short of the first two and fans felt swindled. 

Apparently, there is no script for Expendables 4 at this juncture. Without these two huge action stars, the film will most likely never get made.