News: Kathleen Kennedy Says No Restored Star Wars Cuts on the Horizon

For years now, fans of Star Wars have been wishing for an official unaltered cut of the original three movies. Rumors have swirled time and time again that Disney would be releasing an unedited version of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on blu-ray for us to buy. Just last year, those rumors hit a fever pitch as word spread like wildfire that there was a restored trilogy on the horizon. Sadly, Kathleen Kennedy has now officially spoken on the topic during the Steele Wars podcast and specifically stated that:

"I wouldn't touch those. Are you kidding me? Those will always remain his." 

During the podcast, she also revealed that there is no specific contract in place barring them from eventually going back to the original cuts. However, the order would have to come from a much higher executive level demand and that day has not come. So, those of us wishing to see the vintage trilogy in HD are still left with our VHS copies and in some instances the pirated edits of the first three Star Wars movies.