News: Pauly Shore To Star As The Goblin King In Labyrinth Remake

After several years out of the spotlight, comedian Pauly Shore has been busy taking acting classes. His unflinching dedication has paid off with a starring role in Sony Pictures’ remake of the '80s cult classic Labyrinth. Shore will take over for the late great David Bowie as Jareth, The Goblin King. "It's such an iconic role," Shore explains, "and I'm looking forward to reinventing myself as a dramatic actor." Shore has recruited the help Adam Levine, vocal coach on NBC's The Voice, to help tackle the role's musical numbers. "Pauly has been working really hard in the studio," Levine explained, "and its been a nice break from working along side Blake Shelton all day." Selena Gomez is rumored for the role of Sarah, originally portrayed by Jennifer Connelly in the '80s classic. 

"I'm just really grateful for this opportunity at this point in my career," said the Encino Man star, "and I'm looking forward to showing audiences the new me. I know there may be some skeptics, but I think I'll win them over as soon as they see how well I play with the Goblin King's balls." To assure a Christmas Day 2018 release, producer Burgess Brentmen has decided to abandon Jim Henson's Creature Shop puppets and use CGI instead to bring the goblins to life. "The puppets were great in the original," Brentmen explains, "but they've taken on a funk over the years, and we want to reinvent Labyrinth for today's audience." A special IMAX 3-D release is in the works. To help modernize this classic fairy tale, rapper Nicki Minaj and singer Josh Grobin have been hired to write an all new soundtrack, and Coyote Ugly visionary Michael Bay is currently in talks to direct. Bring on the power of the babe!

-Lee Lind
Enjoy April 1st.