Trailers: VAMPS Trailer (2017) Russian Horror Movie

Here is a trailer for a Russian Vampire movie titled Vamps.

Originally titled Vurdalaki, it is going under the titles of either Vamps or Ghouls for an English language release. There is no official release date at this time, but it was released in Russia on February 22, 2017. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.Russian vampires are back!

"Directed by Sergei Ginsburg and based on the famous story of Alexei Konstantinovitch Tolstoi, The Family of Vourdalak (written in 1839 during a trip to France by this poet , Playwright and diplomat, and published in 1884), which Mario Bava adapted in 1963 for one of the sketches of the Three Faces of Fear, Ghouls (Vurdalaki) takes place in the 18th century on the periphery of Russian Empire. In the Carpathian mountains is the Spassky monastery where the confessor of the Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna (aka Louise de Baden and wife of Emperor Alexander I) was exiled. What secrets did he take with him from the capital of St. Petersburg, it is unknown, the area where he finds himself being considered since ancient times as troubled and haunted by legends, evoking evil spirits, remains of invasions from Of Turkey. After many years, arrives from St. Petersburg, Andrey, godson of the Empress Elizabeth. On the spot, Andrey has to face strange, frightening and unusual manifestations, which his rational mind can not explain. He will also meet great love."