TV: Giancarlo Esposito Wants A Gus Fring Series

Other than our favorite late aged Breaking Bad hitman Mike, Gus Fring was one of the best bad guys of the entire series. As popular as he was and as much of an integral part as he played in the development of Walter White's persona, we never got too much back story about the character of Fring. With Better Call Saul season 3 giving Fring a new set of episodes that will feature the character, Esposito wants to make this a full time thing. Would a Gus Fring show be another breakout hit? Would it be a full series or just a limited run arc? When questioned about it, he had this to say:

"Well, it's been something I've mentioned over and over again. Maybe Vince or Peter haven't seen it or maybe AMC and Sony haven't seen it. I certainly have mentioned it to my people. It's out there. In all fairness to Vince, they're folds who have a lot on their plate and are focusing on making this one show great. A reporter said to me the other day, 'Let's face it, we're in the third season of Saul. Two more seasons and then you have your bookends in a way. What's after that?' That comes up very, very quickly. So I keep talking about it because maybe it's a reality, although I feel like if we explore all the places of Gus in Saul that I'm satisfied with, there may be no need for The Rise of Gus."

Honestly, there might be even more to creating a series centered around Fring than there was with Saul. There are many layers to his character that have never been explored. And the rise of an underground kingpin may be another certified success for the cable outlet. Interest is piqued. That's for sure.