Videos: 10 NEW Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 new Star Wars theories that actually make sense. Popular TV shows, movies, and franchises all have a die hard and loyal fan base, with that comes the constant influx of fan theories trying to determine future events or finding some secret within the existing material. There are hundreds upon thousand of fan theories out there, with Star Wars containing a large majority of them. Check out the synopsis and video below. 

"Everybody loves a good movie theory - and literally thousands of them have been conceived over the years. Could Thanos be an evolved version of Red Skull in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Did Patrick Bateman imagine the murderous events of American Psycho? And is Emily actually Andy's mother in the Toy Story movies? Those are just a few examples thought up by movies buffs, and Star Wars fans are no different. In fact, there are probably more theories about Star Wars than there are about any other movie franchises in existence - such is the level of enthusiasm from the Star Wars fan base. In this video, we'll run you through just a few of those theories to have been thought up in recent years. Here are ten new Star Wars theories that actually make sense."