Videos: 15 Xbox One Achievements So "HARD" You’re Better Off Jumping Out Your Window

This is a new video from GamingBolt that lists 15 Xbox One achievements so hard you're better off jumping out your window. These achievements are only for those hardcore gamers that are either looking to complete everything or further challenge their gaming abilities. Do you agree with the list? Did they miss anything? Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Achievements have long been a measure of a gamer’s dedication. Any casual can complete the campaign, they might even unlock every cosmetic on their favorite class, weapon or vehicle, but only the hardest of the hardcore ever complete every achievement that a game has to offer. Many of these achievements are true tests of skill, but some are nigh impossible. To keep you from spending too great a portion of your life chasing a single achievement, we’ve compiled a list of 15 Xbox One achievements you’re better off without."