Videos: 16 Games With Mind-Blowing Weather Effects That Will Make You Go WOW!

This is a new video from GamingBolt that lists 16 games with mind-blowing weather effects.

Many games can impress or further tell a story simply with the use of its environment, the visuals can be an important part of enticing someone to play that game. This list focuses on games that have particularly impressive weather effects, be it rainfall, sandstorm, or something else. Are there any that you find awe inspiring? Check out the synopsis and video below.

"How many times have you found yourself putting down your controller and just marveling at the torrential rainfall or a sandstorm being shown on-screen on a video game? If you’re anything like us, too many. Seeing a storm rolling your way from a distance can be an exhilarating sight, even more so when games actually pull off weather mechanics properly. A lot of games, these days especially, try and focus on having realistic weather effects, and many of them succeed. In this list, we’re going to try and compile sixteen such games. Fifteen games we feel have some of the best weather mechanics in the industry. In case there’s any games you think we failed to mention that should have been here, let us know in your comments."