Videos: The Horror Comedy Short Film The Haunting Of Lester House Is Frighteningly Funny

This is a horror comedy short film titled The Haunting of Lester House.

It was written by written by Tracy Clifton and Michael Benni Pierce, directed by Pierce, and stars Jared Rivet, Tracy Clifton, Adam Fox, Kristy Chavez, Jon Limon, and Alli Hartley. It was recently selected to be screened at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival and is very funny, if you like comedy in your horror. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

"Tonight's episode of "S.P.O.O.K.S. ON PATROL" takes us to the infamous Lester House, one of the most haunted homes in America. Sadly, the building's time on this Earth is coming to a close - the city is set to condemn the building in just three days."