Videos: Neon Ghosts Dream In Dead Landscapes In The Horror Short Film Plena Stellarum

This is the short film Plena Stellarum. It was written and directed by Matthew Wade and is about neon ghosts dreaming in dead landscapes. It combines the 1980's NES video game animation with a surrealistic story and has received praise from critics. Check out several critic responses and the short film below.

"Plena Stellarum is a darkly meditative piece that marries a Kenneth Anger occult sensibility and esthetic with elements of ‘80s video arcade." -Paul Sbrizzi, Slamdance

" amazing, trippy, animated short film that really took everyone by storm in the contest. Long story short, I think every prejudge and every jury member had this film on their “yes” list which hardly ever happens." -Don R. Lewis, Hammer to Nail

"It is eerily disruptive." -Andrew Mack, Screen Anarchy

"Wade's manifestation of these neon ghosts sort of felt like Space Invaders meets Poltergeist, an odd yet strangely effective weaving together of external influences forcing their way into one's internal psyche." -Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"This is not a reduced version of a feature Wade couldn’t afford to make, it is an interesting, original entry into an art form in its own right." -Andrew Young, UK Film Review