Videos: Top 15 New Racing Games of 2017 That Will Give You The "PERFECT" Adrenaline Rush

This is a new video from GamingBolt that lists the top 15 new racing games that will give you the perfect adrenaline rush. Racing games had been one of the premier genres in video games, with the likes of franchises such as Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport, Mario Kart, and many more. They may have been in a decline, the genre is looking to make an impact in 2017. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Long before the premier genre used to showcase new tech and advances in graphics, racing games hit a bit of a slump a while ago, leading to a dramatic thinning of the herd, as far as quality additions to the canon were concerned. However, over the last few years, they've started to make a sort of comeback- thanks to the continued success of Microsoft's Forza series, and Nintendo's Mario Kart, as well as thanks to racing games being perfectly suited to a lot of new tech on the market (including VR), the genre is starting to show signs of life again. Nowhere is this most evident than if you were to take a look at the list of racing games primed for release just this year alone- we've got a lot of different games, spanning different styles, types, aesthetics, and tone, hitting all systems, and all looking to be quality. Here's a look at some of them."