Weekend Box Office: 3/31-4/2 Boss Baby Beats The Beast

In a totally unprecedented, unexpected turn of events, Boss Baby has dethroned Beauty and the Beasts's winning streak at the box office. The animated feature triumphed over the classic Disney tale by bringing in an estimated $49 million to the Beast's brought in another $47.5 million in its box office tally. This brings its domestic total to $395.5 million in only 17 days.

Sad Scarlett is sad. 

Sadly, the Scarlett Johansson action film Ghost in the Shell faltered with a paltry $19 million in ticket sales. Compared to the $120 million price tag, this is a sad defeat for a movie that's way better than this box office trouncing. Hopefully, foreign markets and home video will pad the absolute pounding the film took this weekend. In fourth place was Power Rangers bringing home $14.5 million. And in the fifth spot was Kong: Skull Island with another $8.8 million towards its $147.8 million total. Luckily for the giant ape, his global take is nearing the $500 million mark. Although it wasn't a huge success here, it wasn't a bomb either.