Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02E31 - Reviewed

The momentum is neck break on Attack on Titan right now. The previous episodes built on some great reveals, but this one lays the paranoia on thick. Real thick. The music constantly pounded like a Titan hunting in the distance as the scenes built up to perhaps the best reveal the series has seen thus far. The pace was relentless even in its quieter, opening moments.

What's most impressive to me is that while this might be one of the lightest episodes on action, it's no less engaging. I felt the same rush of adrenaline watching Titans get slain as seeing this latest entry unfurl its dark plot.  I hope this same philosophy will be applied to future Titan episodes with a narrative focus. The first season tended to drag and entice to the point of annoyance. This was a beautiful episode. Not a moment was wasted.

This particular review is really difficult to step around without spoiling anything. From beginning to end the entire episode was building on a single plot thread--laser focused and wouldn't let up. You have to listen to every single word and for a moment you might be just as confused and shaken as our beloved cast is. This is a tremendous and highly memorable entry in the Attack on Titan saga and it reminds you of every single reason why you started to love this show. Next Sunday is too far away!

- J.G. Barnes
- H