Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02E32 - Reviewed

Continuing this beast of a gold streak, episode 32 is yet again another relentless tension build with some surprising action choreography even for Attack on Titan. Two of the greatest Titans have returned to do whatever it is this insane series decides are their motivations. Heck, we don't even really know!

Thankfully, this episode was set aside for some good, wholesome Titan brawling. You can safely put away the pencil and notepad. Just sit back and relish in what might be my favorite Titan battle I've seen so far. It felt great to finally see these two exchange fists.

The power and extreme perspective work is mythic here. We circle arms and legs of Titans like we're riding a rollercoaster of muscle and bone with the Scouts flying right next to you. The fight techniques and character arcs intertwine wonderfully as the tension persistently mounts to yet another closer that will have you screaming at your screen!

This season of Attack on Titan has continued to drop my jaw for the past four entries. I really hope they maintain the speed of this train, because this episode was the perfect continuation of last week's atomic bomb of a reveal! The first season had some nasty pacing issues, in my opinion, but I'm really liking this recent trend.

- J.G. Barnes
- H