Anime Releases: Attack on Titan: S02 E33 - Reviewed

At the close of the previous episode, Erin is in trouble. We don't know how he's going to get out of it, if at all. Although they've given us some breathing room this episode, it's another constant tension build up to its close. It's maybe not so much tension, though, as it's a sense of urgency. Erin is in trouble, and his friends spirits are all crushed. The Scouts are down.

The writers take us back to the roots of Erin, Mikasa, and Armin's inseparable bond from an early age. A bond, that even they didn't understand was made back then, but it cemented what their dynamic would be like for the rest of their lives. It has lead them all to this point. So, what do they do? Their most powerful weapon, best friend, and ally is out. What does that do to morale? What is the plan now? And how does Erin get out of this one?

This entry is highly inspired and is again leading us back into the Titan-ravaged landscapes surrounding the walls. This is a reminder of why they joined the Scouts. This episode is a reminder of where it all started and why we connected with these characters from episode one. Needless to say, this seems to be building toward a massive battle. I have no idea how much longer season two is supposed to be, but there are still a truck load of surprises they can call back. What's up with Annie? Will she be in this battle? What about the hairy abnormal Titan? What's he been up to? What about Connie's village? How is that going to tie in? Will it ever? There are still so many gotchas they can throw at us and I'm ready for whatever in the hell that might be!

- J.G. Barnes
- H