Box Office 5/19-5/21: Alien:Covenant Barely Beats Guardians

In a tight race to the weekend finish line, the xenomorphs of Alien:Covenant have barely edged out our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy. With a grand total that's far less than what was expected, Ridley Scott's latest entry in the long running franchise only mustered up $36.1 million at the domestic box office. Expectations were set somewhere near $45 million. This means Covenant came in much lower than the $51 million that Prometheus did over its opening weekend. Considering the massive viral marketing campaign that was done for this movie, it's almost shocking that numbers were so low. And it barely beat Guardians by much at all. The Marvel property scored another $35.1 on its domestic take. 

The teenage drama Everything, Everything snagged the third spot with $12 million in sales as Snatched scored $7.6 in its second weekend, ranking it at number four. The latest entry in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series came in fifth with only $7.2 million which is horrendous considering the history of the franchise. 

In other news, Guy Ritchie's maligned King Arthur blunder dropped 55 percent this weekend, making it one of the biggest box office flops of the year. Set against a $175 million budget, his latest has only accumulated $66 million globally.