Box Office: Alien:Covenant Expected To Dethrone Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The reigning champion Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has had two great weekends and has done amazingly well at the box office. However, early analysis is showing that Ridley Scott's Alien:Covenant stands a strong chance of unseating the current champion from its comfortable spot in theaters. The last film in the franchise, Prometheus hit theaters with an opening weekend of over $50 million. Covenant is expected to do quite a bit less but will still reap the rewards of a brilliant marketing plan and budget. As is stands, Ridley's latest is tracking for a $40-45 million gross for the Friday through Sunday haul. 

With numerous other films planned for this franchise, the studio is truly hoping that this movie is a global hit. With sci-fi fans and loyal Alien followers split on Prometheus, there needs to be a real push behind Covenant including repeat ticket sales from return viewers. Having already seen the film, there is still a high risk that it may not perform as well as the last. For Mr. Scott's sake, let's bid him good luck and hope that the movie is a massive success.