Box Office News: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Rakes In A Massive Haul

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been around for quite some time now. Every time we think it's dead, someone comes up with a new script to get this thing back in theaters. It's a huge and bankable property for Disney that delivers them the goods time and time again. With the release of the fifth in the series, estimates for the film were mixed. Some thought this might be the final entry and others reported that the latest sequel would be another massive success for Disney. Well, the Mouse House can begin celebrations because the film is performing on par or better than former entries. 

dead men tell no tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales looks like it's going to enter the same ranks and will find a spot within the same grosses as three of the previous entries. It is estimated to take in nearly a billion dollars over its theatrical run. Early reports are showing that it will make $275 million globally in its first weekend alone with U.S. receipts showing $21 million from Friday night shows alone. 

Let's face it. As long as Disney keeps cutting checks to Mr. Depp, Jack Sparrow isn't going anywhere. He'll keep riding this ship until it sinks.