Casting News: Hailee Steinfeld For Bumblebee Spinoff

Michael Bay's Transformers franchise is just gonna keep on trucking along. With a fifth installment hitting this summer that's sure to take in quadrillions of dollars at the box office, the Bumblebee spinoff is getting ready to burn rubber. Little is known about where this newest movie will take place in the continuity of the series but casting is gearing up for filming later this year. 


Apparently, actress Hailee Steinfeld is in the running to take the lead role on the project. Steinfeld has been a hot commodity as of late and has starred in movies like The Edge of Seventeen, Ender's Game, and the True Grit retelling. It's said that she would play a mechanic tomboy that stumbles across our favorite yellow Autobot which then turns into another adventure for the heroic robot. 

Hopefully, this has more soul than the last couple Transformers movies.