Crowdfunding: Vengeance Strikes This Halloween In The '80s Homage Night Run

This is a trailer and Kickstarter information for Night Run.
Night Run is an action film set in 1985, which will be filled with explosions, synth music, and the need for revenge. The creators put together a trailer for proof of concept and are trying to raise an additional $28,000 to complete the film. You can view the rewards and additional information on their Kickstarter page. Check out the synopsis and trailer below.

"The year was 1985, Daniel McCormack was like any other man, dreaming of sports cars and a brighter future with his girlfriend, Jennifer. One night Daniel stops an assault on several civilians by the notorious Kano Gang who have been overpowering the city of Santa Mira. Unfortunately, Daniel’s bravery is short lived as he is murdered by Johnny, the gang’s leader. A year later, on a thunderous October night, Daniel rises from his grave seeking revenge on the men who took his life, his future and his dreams."