Images: Pin Up Art Art From Therese Rosier Featuring Numerous Pop Culture Icons

This is art from Therese Rosier.

Rosier is an artists based out of Prague, Czech Republic who does pin ups and abstract paintings. The work included here features pop culture icons that range from the classic Hollywood era to modern characters such as Catwoman and a Stormtrooper. She also does a great deal of pin up art and abstract paintings that can be viewed on her Facebook page. Check out her bio and the images below.

"Czech based freelance painter from Prague, graduated at art school in Prague. Dedicated to art for more than 10 years, exhibiting her paintings since 2006. Therese has been engaged in realistic drawing and portraits painting for several years, a substantial proportion of work focuses on the topic of pin-up art. Therefore, she is the leading promoter of this style in the Czech republic. At the beginning of her career as artist she was devoted rather surreal and abstract painting, over time, have created a unique style with own typical handwriting. Her paintings are primarily created by watercolors and ink, which are a combination of realistic drawings in conjunction with expressive statement. Therese is known for her paintings not only in Czech republic but her works have found many fans throughout Europe, across Australia and USA. The images are imbued with femininity, sensuality, sexual tension and are known as bewitching images of the soul. In parts we find unique and original connection between art and passion for vintage style. Besides pinup style she also creating astonishing abstractions in absolutely unexpected and different style than her portraits. These powerful paintings breathe through emotional expression."