News: Adam Wingard Attached To Direct Godzilla vs Kong

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumblings about who would take on the next movie in the Godzilla and Kong franchises. Numerous directors have been mentioned but none have come to light. Finally, word has broken that director Adam Wingard has signed to direct the film that will pit the two monstrous creatures against each other in an epic battle. 

Wingard has mostly directed horror and has an extremely loyal fan base that sticks by his side. His last film, Blair Witch was not a massive box office success but definitely revitalized the dead brand. He has also directed the upcoming Death Note and was part of the first two V/H/S movies. 

The Hollywood Reporter just broke the news this evening. With the quality of Skull Island, we truly hope this next adventure maintains the same focus on actually showing as much of the classic creatures as possible.