News: Neill Blomkamp Plans Monster Focused Studio

With Blomkamp's planned Alien sequel getting scrapped, it appears that he's getting to work on something brand new. The science fiction director is centering his current focus on trying to launch a brand new branded studio that will be strictly dedicated to producing monster movies. Apparently, his idea will center on creating short films that feature a bevy of new creatures. 

He has already launched a website and has released a logo for the production house. He's calling it Oats Studios and the branding is none other than a claw with the company name. Blomkamp is mainly known for socially relevant films that blend numerous genres. His last film, Chappie was a commercial and critical failure. With a planned Alien continuation now off his plate, he's ready to set up shop and get something of his own off the ground. 

Blomkamp says that the short films they'll be releasing will be experimental and will give him a way to channel and test ideas. This may lead to a new, groundbreaking outlet for younger filmmakers. We'll continue to update this as news comes in.